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Making water leak detection versatile

Every office, hotel, museum, computer room, data center or commercial building has its own unique functions, infrastructure and environment. Avoiding water damage caused by leaks requires a detection system that remains 100% reliable 24/7 throughout the years because it's tailored to specific monitoring needs and applications.

Our nVent TRACETEK water leak detection system is a versatile modular system with many interchangeable components that can be configured to match your specific application.
It makes water leak detection direct, quick and accurate, no matter the area or location.

Modular components to match your application

The TRACETEK water leak detection system consists of these components:

  • sensing cables and probes
    for direct and accurate detection, used for below raised floors, drip trays, overhead piping. Flat probes for sumps or damp areas, and miniature probes for tight areas

  • leader and/or jumper cables
    connecting the module to the sensing cable & components

  • end termination
    on every leg of the sensing cable in the circuit

  • sensor interface modules and alarm panels
    either a non-locating alarm module for small area coverage, or an alarm and locating module that can monitor one or more large areas

  • accessories
    such as hold-down clips used to secure the sensing cable in place

Decades of experience in developing smart cable systems

At nVent we have been developing intelligent cable and sensor systems for many applications around the world. With more than 40 years of experience we continue to set standards in:

  • usability
    tailored online support, knowledge databases, call centres, face to face contact

  • reliability
    10 year standard warranty on our TT1000 sensor cable, multi-certification, global reference list, proven durability

  • sustainability
    detecting water leaks, before damage occurs and preventing water waste to meet modern building sustainability needs


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